Small Area Studies

The SAWMPO Small Area Studies assist member jurisdictions by examining site or area-specific needs identified in the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan. Studies evaluate current and future conditions, and develop recommendations to advance projects from the planning concept to the funding application stage.

The SAWMPO partners with VDOT, DRPT, its member jurisdictions, and the public on each study. Project studies may address issues such as:

  • Roadway capacity
  • Safety and operational improvements
  • Bike and pedestrian planning
  • Planning and design of new roadways.

Completed Studies:

MPO Small Area Studies

2023 - Regional Transportation Safety Plan

2022 - Exit 235 and Route 256 Study

2022 - Bicycle and Pedestrian Regional Connectivity Study 

2019 - Richmond Road (US 250) Corridor Study

2019 - Rosser Avenue Signal Optimization Study

2018 - WWRC Small Area Study


2021 - Downtown Staunton PSI STARS Study

2020 - US-250 Waynesboro and Augusta County STARS Study

2019 - Greenville Avenue VDOT STARS Study

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