2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

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Cover and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1:  Planning Context and Requirements
Chapter 2:  Summary of Public Outreach and Consultation
Chapter 3:  Existing Conditions and Deficiencies
Chapter 4:  Regional Vision and Transportation Needs
Chapter 5:  Cost/Revenue Analysis
Chapter 6:  Evaluating Transportation Investments
Chapter 7:  Constrained Long Range Plan

The 2040 LRTP adopts by reference the 2015 Transit Development Plan (TDP). The TDP serves as the transit plan portion of the 2040 LRTP.

Constrained Long Range Plan

A requirement of the LRTP is a fiscally constrained list of projects, the Constrained Long Plan (CLRP). This list of projects illustrates what the MPO can finance over the life of the plan, and provides a realistic set of expectations for the general public. 

Click on the map to view and for more information on the projects. 

For more information on the CLRP, see Chapter 7 of the LRTP (see sections and links above).