Richmond Road Study Provides Safety, Multimodal Recommendations

Consultants Kimley Horn delivered the final report for the Richmond Road Corridor Study in August 2018 to the SAWMPO Policy Board. The Study evaluates safety, multi-modal connectivity, and operational needs along Richmond Road between Frontier Drive and the I-81 Exit 222 interchange. The recommendations in the Final Report reflect comments from the Policy Board, the Study Team, the Staunton Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and the public.

Traffic volumes for the corridor were forecasted for year 2030. By this time, all of Frontier Center, nearly half of Staunton Crossing, and additional units for the Augusta Woods Manufactured Home Park are expected to be built. An analysis of 2030 traffic operations showed that delays increase from existing conditions, particularly for left turns that conflict with higher mainline volumes, and some queues exceed available storage or block turn bay access during the PM peak hour such as westbound and southbound left turns at Frontier Drive. There will also be a greater need for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities.

Recommendations are presented as short- and long-term projects to address safety, accessibility, and operations. The study outlines nine proposed projects to be implimented in phases. Read the final report here: Richmond Road Corridor Study Final Report